[][src]Trait nalgebra::SimdRealField

pub trait SimdRealField: SimdComplexField<SimdRealField = Self> + SimdPartialOrd + SimdSigned {
    pub fn simd_copysign(self, sign: Self) -> Self;
pub fn simd_atan2(self, other: Self) -> Self;
pub fn simd_default_epsilon() -> Self;
pub fn simd_pi() -> Self;
pub fn simd_two_pi() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_pi_2() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_pi_3() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_pi_4() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_pi_6() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_pi_8() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_1_pi() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_2_pi() -> Self;
pub fn simd_frac_2_sqrt_pi() -> Self;
pub fn simd_e() -> Self;
pub fn simd_log2_e() -> Self;
pub fn simd_log10_e() -> Self;
pub fn simd_ln_2() -> Self;
pub fn simd_ln_10() -> Self; }

Lanewise generalization of RealField for SIMD reals.

Each lane of an SIMD real field should contain one real field. This is implemented by scalar reals like f32 and f64 as well as SIMD reals like packed_simd::f32x4.

Required methods

pub fn simd_copysign(self, sign: Self) -> Self[src]

Copies the sign of sign to self.

  • Returns self.simd_abs() if sign is positive or positive-zero.
  • Returns -self.simd_abs() if sign is negative or negative-zero.

pub fn simd_atan2(self, other: Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_default_epsilon() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_pi() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_two_pi() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_pi_2() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_pi_3() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_pi_4() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_pi_6() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_pi_8() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_1_pi() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_2_pi() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_frac_2_sqrt_pi() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_e() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_log2_e() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_log10_e() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_ln_2() -> Self[src]

pub fn simd_ln_10() -> Self[src]

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f32; 8]>[src]

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f64; 4]>[src]

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f32; 2]>[src]

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f64; 8]>[src]

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f32; 4]>[src]

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f32; 16]>[src]

impl SimdRealField for AutoSimd<[f64; 2]>[src]

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impl<T> SimdRealField for T where
    T: RealField

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