Module nalgebra::linalg

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[Reexported at the root of this crate.] Factorization of real matrices.


  • Functions for balancing a matrix.
  • Construction of givens rotations.
  • Construction of householder elementary reflections.


  • The bidiagonalization of a general matrix.
  • The Cholesky decomposition of a symmetric-definite-positive matrix.
  • The QR decomposition (with column pivoting) of a general matrix.
  • LU decomposition with full row and column pivoting.
  • Hessenberg decomposition of a general matrix.
  • LU decomposition with partial (row) pivoting.
  • A sequence of row or column permutations.
  • The QR decomposition of a general matrix.
  • Singular Value Decomposition of a general matrix.
  • Schur decomposition of a square matrix.
  • Eigendecomposition of a symmetric matrix.
  • Tridiagonalization of a symmetric matrix.
  • UDU factorization.


  • Performs a LU decomposition to overwrite out with the inverse of matrix.
  • Computes the wilkinson shift, i.e., the 2x2 symmetric matrix eigenvalue to its tailing component tnn.